Marisa Bosquez was born and raised in a tiny Texas town alongside the Gulf Coast of Mexico. The slow pace of the forgotten cotton-picking town left much time to daydream about far off places and imaginary lives. Marisa found refuge in books and make-believe; She always knew she wanted to be an artist of some sort. After what seemed like forever, Marisa made her way to New York City and studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After some time in New York, she found herself back in Texas without a plan and a head full of dreams. Marisa discovered her love of jewelry while working under fine jewelers Anthony Nak and designer Natalie Tischler of Ornamental Things. In 2009, Bosquez Jewelry was realized.  Bosquez seeks to create jewelry that speaks of ancient ways in a modern language. The science and the myth of the Cosmos infuse each piece with magic.


Bosquez Jewelry strives to create pieces which marry ornament and concious consuption, keeping in mind practices of sustainability and love of the Mother Earth. Bosquez Jewelry is crafted in gold fill, sterling silver, minerals and gemstones. All jewelry is handmade in Dallas, Texas.

Bosquez Jewelry- effortless, thoughtful, sensual...